Enterprise Application Development

We employ an on-shore team of experienced architects, developers, software engineers, cloud experts, and project managers to have the most optimum communication level with our clients. By using Agile methodology, we make sure that the team’s daily deliverable is fine tuned and aligned properly to meet the target on time and on budget.

Our custom enterprise application development services consist of the following steps:

  • Analyzing requirements
  • Presenting suggested architecture and estimates to clients to seek approval
  • Implementing code according to the architecture
  • Designing and developing database, composing SQL scripts functions, stored procedures, etc.
  • Setting up code repository and code retention strategies and flows
  • Setting up necessary environments e.g. Development, QA, UAT, and Production
  • Developing test plans, automating tests, performing load tests, and regression tests
  • Implementing and executing a full CI/CD cycle
  • Modernizing legacy application by augmenting features, adding security levels, and migrating to new platforms and frameworks
  • Integration i.e. defining and implementing APIs, packaging components, hosting packages
  • Support in all stages of production rollout
  • Offering warranty period

Cloud Application Development

There are some key elements to consider while implementing a custom cloud-based enterprise application. They are but not limited to scalability, virtualization, high availability, multi-tenancy, capability to measure efficiency, application monitoring, and failure awareness.  Some services that we offer include:

  • Preparing a thorough application architecture with code and infrastructure implementation plan
  • Creating and implementing plans to setup cloud infrastructures
  • Real-time Internet of Things (IoT) applications
  • Leveraging Business Intelligence (BI) services
  • Providing content indexing and search solutions
  • Providing cognitive computation and solutions
  • Text analysis

Mobile App Development

Our custom mobile app development services consist of the following practices:

  • Designing, architecture and implementing scalable cloud-based infrastructures to support the backbone of mobile applications
  • Implementing Web Api’s with minimal bandwidth footprints
  • Implementing native and hybrid applications using technologies such as Xamarin, Angular, and Apache Cordova for major mobile platforms (i.e. Android and iOS)
  • Data security
  • Incorporating mobile database like SQLite
  • Deploying customer-facing applications and developing launch plan
  • Mobile app regression and load testing

Research And Development

Scientific Research & Experimental Development aka SR&ED program is the most important tax incentive programs available by Canadian government to all corporations. If a custom software application’s development process meets the following minimum three criteria, we will help elaborating them to qualify for tax incentives in Canada:

  • Technological advancement
  • Uncertainty and technological impedements
  • Systematic investigation

To be able to have a strong presentable SR&ED case, we gather technical, human resources and financial data and compile them all together under CRA income tax return forms and schedules. If approved, you will receive a benefit including its interest from CRA which can be invested back into the growth of your corporation.