Serverless Web Apps

Startups, Independent Software Vendors, and large enterprises are employing cloud infrastructure to make their products available 24/7, fault-tolerant, secure, and scalable as their businesses grow. This technological demand dictates modernizing applications’ architecture to adapt models like Platform-as-a-Service (Paas), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), or Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). With the evolving cloud technologies, our team has enough expertise to seamlessly steer your business through all possible challenges. We have tailored this solution to help companies consider adopting serverless architecture for their new or existing web apps like RESTful Web APIs.


Our senior developers and architects are experts in the Microsoft Azure Cloud technology and harness its powerful platform to transform your business with cloud-native application modernization. We have architectured many enterprise applications using the most advanced and cutting-edge cloud technologies. We engage our subject-matter experts with your key team members to review and understand your web app and document your current status and ultimate goal. We also consider key requirements in this phase, including security, application architecture, caching, user traffic, infrastructure, DevOps, and the allocated budget.

Implementing success strategy

We leverage a team of unparalleled architects and star developers at Umplify. Following the assessment phase, this team dives into analyzing the collected data and information. It discusses the requirements to develop sustainable, scalable, and modern serverless solutions for your web app. Should further consultation, idea verification, and clarification become necessary, we will reach out to seek your team’s input during this phase.


We present our recommendations during a meeting to discuss our strategy for putting a sustainable infrastructure and application architecture in place. We will highlight the construction phase’s necessary tools, code release, and branching strategies, Azure Cloud components to utilize, associated costs, the extent of scalability and resilience, DevOps, and automation to deploy the application to multiple environments like Dev, Test, UAT and production. We will also show you the advantages of a serverless web app, making stateful data available in such web apps, resiliency, and availability.


Implementing and developing cloud applications is our critical service to our clients. We will partner with your company to implement your cloud application in-house at Umplify, or to extend your development team by embedding our resources into it to commence the construction phase. Should you wish to employ our serverless strategy, the presentation phase will conclude our engagement while we are always available for further consultation and solution augmentation.