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Umplify Technologies Inc.

We just started refreshing this website to ensure its contents are consistent with our cutting-edge technology solutions. Please stay tuned, and we will be back up online soon!

Have you heard of Digital Silo?

Digital Silo is our unique serverless product that runs on Microsoft Azure.

We like to write it as digital://silo

Digital Silo executes stateless tasks, aka Grains, in an asynchronous scalable serverless environment. It accelerates the steps of making an application serverless-ready by helping developers concentrate on business logic only. Please feel free to take a look at Digital Silo’s website.

A cool Xunit library!

If you are a .NET developer using Xunit to run your unit tests but wondering how to leverage dependency injection, we’ve got you covered. Clone our Xunit open source library at GitHub and start using its NuGet package in your test projects.

Stay in touch

Please feel free to send us a note at, and specifically, if you have any questions on Digital Silo, we will be more than happy to reply.

Date: Oct 19, 2021